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He’s not actually going to hit Martha. But it would make for some interesting television…

Josh Dorfman, host of The Lazy Environmentalist on Sirius Radio, will be making a big splash on an environmentally-themed edition of The Martha Stewart Show. Airing tomorrow, (April 20th), Josh will be demonstrating cutting-edge products and services to help easily “green” our lifestyles. Most excellent. He’ll also be sporting some eco-friendly garments from Nau and green kicks from Timberland.

It’s great to see Martha’s crew reaching out to people in the online community inspiring others to make a difference. Last year, Treehugger’s Simran Sethi helped Martha with some eco-friendly tips. She’s now the co-host of the one of the largest green efforts on television with the Sundance Channel’s THE GREEN. As a result of his participation, we can expect Dorfman to be launched into green-stardom; potentially starring in some green action-hero movie this time next year. Can’t wait.

We also wanted to mention that Josh has a new book out: “Your Guide To Easy, Stylish, Green Living“. Here’s a snippet from the “About” section,

“Environmentally savvy products are now in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. They’re the new paint on your walls and the contemporary rugs on your floors. They’re everything from your toothbrush to your laundry detergent to you’re your flat-screen TV. They inform your life easily without compromise. The Lazy Environmentalist is your hands-on guide to the best of easy, stylish green living. You can start today.”

Anyways, kudos to Josh on his rising green star. Click here to view a preview of the show!

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