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sheep.gifThis is a bit of an odd story. On one hand, I sympathize with Victoria. On the other, I’m not sure why she didn’t draw conclusions earlier.
According to reports, Victoria and David Beckham generously allowed their celebrity chef pal, Gordon Ramsay, to graze his flock of baby lambs at their English country estate. Apparently, the chef did not have enough room for the little guys at his own London garden. Victoria simply assumed that animals were family pets but was shocked to discover that they’re in fact headed for Ramsay’s gourmet eatery. From the article,

“A spokesman for Ramsay’s British TV show The F-Word, says, ‘The lambs are having a bit of a holiday at the Beckhams’ house, but the series will show their lives from conception to the dinner table. They will be slaughtered and eaten on the final episode of the series.’”

Wow, sounds like a real uplifting series. Watch episode to episode, get attached to their irresistible cuteness and differing personalities, and then follow them on their journey to be slaughtered and enjoyed with a nice glass of Shiraz. WTF?

Victoria’s reactions was somewhat similar,

“A spokeswoman for Victoria, adds, ‘She was more than happy to let the sheep roam around her grounds, but as, a devout vegetarian, she will be distraught to learn that they’re going to be killed.’”

You know what works here, Vick? Money. Use it, baby. Save some lives. Have your lawn mowed for free. Create a happy ending.

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