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Oprah went green today in honor of Earth Day. She has on Simran Sethi who is now host for Sundance Channel: the Green, as her environmental expert.

Oprah’s Tip #1: Paper or Plastic: NEITHER. Bring your own bag!

It’s one of our fave tips, too, Oprah. And, of course, you can get the Oprah “GrOceries” bag made of organic cotton for $9.50. Well, you could have. They are currently out of stock. Oprah said that they are charging what it costs to make them, as she doesn’t need money from bags, “I’ve got enough pairs of shoes”. Of course, she told the audience that they don’t need her bags – any bags will do, just bring your own!

Oprah’s Tip #2: Bring Your Own Bottle.

Again, we talk about this all of the time. Simran loves the Sigg bottle, as do I. I got mine at

We then saw a clip with Laurie David & Sheryl Crow, who are currently on their Stop Global Warming Campus Tour. Which we’ve talked about plenty around here lately.

Then, it was on to Matt Damon with a tip to Stop Your Junk Mail. It’s really easy to do it yourself, though there are companies who can do it for you. Matt was promoting one such company called GreenDimes. For a dime a day, these guys will take care of most of it for you, plus plant a tree each month. He said he loves the service so much, he joined the Board. Seems like a new development because as of last month, his name wasn’t really on the list. We love this tip, as well. Do it yourself, or through GreenDimes, but get rid of all of that junk mail! (Thanks, Linton, for the screenshot!)

Oprah’s Tip #3: Clean Green.

They went through some green, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners such as Method, Seventh Generation, Shaklee, and Mrs. Meyers.

I only caught the first half of the show. There were also some tips about using fewer paper napkins and using a smart strip or power strip to manage your electronics that go on standby. I’ll watch the rest later and will update this post if there is anything earth shattering. I really thought there would be more celebs in the studio for the Earth Day show. Oh well! The tips were great ones and the ones I repeat over and over. They are the easiest and will make a huge impact if we all take part.

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  • Tamra

    All this “green” discussion is fine but I didn’t hear too many people talking about giving up their SUV’s. One napkin a day, big deal. Do you know what happens to us in the northeast when we conserve and do our best to lower our electric bills? THE UTILITY COMPANIES RAISE THE RATES or DEMAND COMPENSATION FROM THE STATE VIA THE TAX PAYERS!! They aren’t going to have their profits compromised!! Wake Up! So the end result will be we will be paying MORE to sit in our cold houses every winter.
    Also, don’t forget the truly terrifying consequenses of corn being grown for fuel. (and I’m sorry but Sheryl Crow didn’t look TOO terrified in her big bus). There will be skyrocketing costs for food. The US feeds the world, we may not be able to feed ourselves. You must look at the CONSEQUENCES of your actions before knee jerk liberalism and greenism gets carried away. Farmers now are having to pay TWICE as much for cattle feed than before. Farmers will start substituting crops in favor of corn. Very scary. Have you heard the news about the bees dying? The very bees we depend on to pollinate the earths food crops? They are misteryiously dying off, some thoughts are because of cell phones and other high tech devices. Albert Einstien said that humans could servive for maybe 4 years if bees became extinct.

  • Britney

    WOW! Awesome tips on how to do your part to help the environment. I am a greendimes user and absolutely love the service! Sure, I could do it myself but I love the fact that each month that I am using greendimes they plant a tree. It’s worth the 10 cents a day! I’m glad to see Matt Damon on the board of greendimes too!

  • michael

    Don’t confuse corn with biodiesel. Crow’s tour bus is powered purely by biodiesel which comes from vegetable oil. Soybeans, Canola Oil, Jatropha, used cooking oil, etc. can all be refined for use in diesel engines.

    The point you’re making has to do with ethanol which is currently largely derived from corn is the U.S. If you look at this post (, you’ll see that several people are already working on pushing that action away from a food source and into perennial grasses like switch grass or rape seed. These plants require less energy to grow and are much more efficient in their conversion to ethanol. In fact, much of the alternative fuel industry sees a limited boom for corn for ethanol. It just won’t make much sense after awhile.

    I’m worried about how critical you are with statements like “knee jerk liberalism and greenism” but then launch into an alarmist attitude regarding bee populations. Being “green” means moving towards and embracing those solutions that make us more efficient as a society and more in balance with the world around us. You seem frightened by the term and yet worried about cell towers. The two go hand and hand. With climate change a real possibility, there are consequences we discover each year. Bees may be as a result of that or our knee-jerk rush to install cell towers. Who knows? All we can do is hope to make the right choices. Even corn-based ethanol is a promising step forward because it pushes investment, consumer acceptance, and eventually innovation. I guarantee we will not be using corn for fuel in the long-term.

  • Dean Smith

    Perfect topic for the time. How about checking out the subject of Clean Water plus the pumping of water for sale and what the remifications are.

  • Kendra

    GreenDimes is the way to go- no more junk mail, saving 100 million trees a year (in the US) and 28 billion gallons of water? Count me in!


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  • Samita

    I am very happy to hear more and more influencial people are making gestures like this. I didn’t realize how much of an impact Oprah could really make on, lets say… the world. I live in Japan, and I made a purchase and had my goods placed in my cotton bag, and the lady says, “Hey, I saw that on Oprah!” I nearly cried. The message is getting out there, but like anything… you can lead a horse to water…

  • Lisa M.

    I was very excited to see Shaklee Products on the Oprah Show, they just recently featured them again on Nov.5th, 2007
    Shaklee has quality green environmentally friendly products. I love working with them and feel like I am making a difference in those lives I touch.
    LISA M.
    A Shaklee Independent Distributor

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