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The details are coming together for Ed Begley Jr and Rachelle Carson’s second season of Living With Ed and it looks like the two of them won’t be alone for this installment. As we wrote about earlier, the producers are looking for people to show off their projects to Ed. In addition, several celebrities are also planning on getting some “green” counseling from the duo. It was revealed today that Bradley Whitford, Sharon Lawrence, Jackson Browne, Cheryl Tiegs, and Daryl Hannah will be among those making appearances.

To be honest, most of those names required a IMDB lookup, but now I’ve got them placed. Whitford is most recognizable from his time spent on The West Wing and ABC’s now defunct Studio 60. Lawrence has a deep television resume with guest appearances on shows like Monk, Boston Legal, and Desperate Housewives. Jackson Browne is notable not only for his music background but also as Hannah’s one-time boyfriend. Cheryl Tiegs is considered the first modern American supermodel.  According to the article,

“In its upcoming season, the show will focus less on Begley’s home life with his wife, Rachelle Carson Begley, and more on Begley showing his celebrity friends and everyday people how easy and affordable it is to make their homes environmentally friendly.”

Is Rachelle put on the sidelines for Season Two?

“HGTV has ordered 13 episodes for “Ed’s” second season, which is in production. The first four episodes of the new season are tentatively scheduled to air 10 p.m. August 26 and September 2, immediately following HGTV Design Star.”

For more details, check out Living With Ed’s official site.  What have you thought of Season One?

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  • Nicole

    Just wanted to correct you on a couple of things. Studio 60 is on NBC, and although it is probably not coming back, it’s not actually “defunct” yet.