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The Global Business Summit for the Environment was held in Singapore last week, and our favorite celebrity video blogger was there. As the Day 2 Keynote Speaker, Daryl Hannah spoke about greenwashing and how we need to not just care about the materials that we use, but where they come from.

From the PeaceJournalism article, this is what Hannah had to say:

“I don’t want to buy eco-jeans made by slave labor, or chocolate harvested by kidnapped children, any more than biofuels from slash-and-burn operations or imported from halfway around the world,” she said, stressing that individuals could affect change at home by just unplugging appliances or drying their laundry on outdoor clotheslines.

She said more and more people are recognizing the need for more eco-friendly habits.

“The demand is growing faster than the supply for these goods and services. Shortsighted companies that put windmills or sunflowers on their commercials but don’t walk the walk will have a short life span in this new state of awakening. People will know. People like me are going to tell them.”

She’s really getting us to try to look at the entire life cycle of materials & products, which is something that not everyone is doing right now. Do we want organic cotton being shipped all the way from China for our t-shirts? Where is all of the commercial biodiesel coming from? These are questions we need to ask, and I’m glad to see that Daryl Hannah is leading the way.

One participant, Rita Sully, was pleasantly surprised by Daryl’s knowledge saying, “Daryl spoke on the importance of environmental sustainability for about 10 minutes and then opened the floor for what turned into quite a lengthy Q&A session. She was very knowledgeable about many of the issues and candid about areas where she needed better understanding. I found this approach refreshing along with the fact that she hosted such an informative open dialogue.”

Thanks for the tip on this story, Alexander! Speaking of drying your laundry on clotheslines (Daryl mentioned it in her speech), that’s exactly what Alexander’s organization, Project Laundry List is all about. Give it a shot!

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  • Selah

    I applaud Ms. Hannah for bringing this information to the masses.

    Organic cotton is not the only eco-friendly fiber available. Nor is it only a component of clothing. Towels and sheets of bamboo are available and a delight to use. Take a look at for bamboo clothing that is ecologically sound, produced in the U.S. using fabric created from a sustainable source. Bamboo is lightweight, antibacterial, and wicks moisture away from the body. The 100% bamboo garments dry extremely rapidly on the line, cutting laundry time nearly in half. I speak from personal experience.

  • oreo51

    nice design work on the website, ecorazzi.

    hannah seems to be thinking long-term rather than trying to fight the system’s propensity for wastefulness on it’s own (short-) terms. this is funny, because I don’t think people know a thing. further, industry will not stand for arguments that would ever require that. awakenings? I hope so, but I really doubt it. people are super-stubborn and are conditioned not to care about the rest of the world. how else could American television become so popular? anyway, I’d rather focus on how to make hannah’s vision more common, but I don’t even think that universities take that seriously. the empire will persist…

  • Katie

    Daryl Hannah, is on the right path with her conversations she is having. Brining common sense ideas to the table, such as hanging your clothes out to dry, and unplugging appliances is a great start (and opens the door for further discussion) No matter what someones beliefs maybe on global warming and energy consumption there is just no argument about common sense practices. Not only are the above examples a great way for people to form eco-friendly habits they also save you money!!! These are door opener conversations, they don’t cloud the problems by giving energy to the spin machine. I applaud Daryl Hannah for her knowledge and thank her for her efforts.

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  • Divya Singh

    now a days most of the denim company’s are high on the “ECO” stamp…. everyone claims to be using organic cotton now,…is quite amusing to me and at the same time frustrating because many of us buy that shit not realizing the shallowness of their concept…
    The highly publicized use of organic cotton is one thing and dyeing it with synthetic and toxic chemical dyes is another…and then making the fabric under powerlooms is yet another which is responsible for loss and destruction to our environment.
    We overlook the cruel consequences of our very own deeds!! Ignorance is bliss?? Just that we cant lose more time anymore!!
    So guys my plea to you is to not fall for what they say on the surface! Dig a little deeper and u ll know for sure what the reality is and that will be truly protecting our environment at our own initiative rather that being told what to believe!!

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