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John Mayer: Change Just One Thing, Plus Mini-Slam to Sheryl Crow

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John Mayer got on a roll about the environment on his blog yesterday. He talked about global warming, how boring it seems to be, and how to go Light Green.

The concept behind Light Green is that you can do some good things for the environment without needing to convert to wearing Birkenstocks and marching on Washington. As John puts it, “No thinking about ‘offsetting your carbon footprint’. No rallies. No brow-beating people who think the Earth just has a fever. Pick one thing to change this year, and keep the rest of your life the same.” It really gets to the heart of any improvement is better than no improvement.

John presents Light Green as a way to look at global warming in a less boring way: “The trouble is, nobody has managed to come close to bringing this issue to you in a way that doesn’t turn you off. At best, it’s a bore, and at worst (toilet paper square accounting?) it’s insulting to human autonomy.” Ooh, a blow to Sheryl Crow! And they are friends! Both are playing Live Earth USA, incidentally.

He’s basically giving you permission to be an eco-hypocrite, “A side that drives an SUV on the way to the grocery store but then produces nylon mesh bags at the checkout line.” I guess it’s better than driving there in your SUV and NOT bringing your own bag.

It seems that he knows we were going to read this post, because he finishes it all off with a disclosure: “I drive a Porsche SUV, I still drink lots of bottled water, and I will be flying private charter several times during my summer tour. However, my bus has been converted to Bio-Diesel, and I’ll be coming up with even more ways to adapt to the Light Green mentality before I set out for the summer.” Okay, okay John, we hear you. Thanks for your honesty and your biodiesel.

Check out the entire post, it’s worth it. He’s hilarious…to me, at least! Thanks for the tip, Sofia!

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