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Rachael Ray‘s latest pet project is the establishment of an non-profit group called The Yum-O! Organization, which aims to put a stop to childhood obesity. Bill Clinton is also lending a hand, and he and Rachael announced this partnership on April 26th on Rachael Ray.

Ray says The Yum-o! Organization (the name is drawn from one of her signature phrases) will work with schools to improve cafeteria food, create scholarships, educate parents about healthy eating and help fund charitable groups that feed needy children. Read more.

I understand childhood obesity, heck, just obesity in general, is a big problem in America, and it’s great that a campaign like this has been launched, but wouldn’t she send a stronger message by carefully choosing which products she should endorse? Sure she’s helping Dunkin’ Donuts provide healthier food options, but even so, endorsing such food products don’t appear to be in line with her latest cause.

  • Donna

    Hi, just trying to be positive here. School food is a real problem, we pay for it, lobbyists pay to get the contracts to supply it, and with all the money spent on it, its still nutritionally vacant. Not to mention the schools with fast food chains in the cafeterias. So if Rachel Ray wants to do some actual good in this arena, then i think some minor applause is due at least. Instead you choose to be elitist. If we bash the folks for just making an effort were going to get nowhere. Thanks for writing the article though. Good work! See its not so hard.

  • lynn

    I did say it’s great that she’s working on this project. :) It was simply a curious question on my part, plus we do like celebrities to be consistent.

  • http://AOL&Explorer Margaret Hammond

    Mr. Clinton, I am so glad that you and Rahael Ray stated the YUM-O organization. I wish we had something like this in the 60’s. I grew up with 4 brothers and one sister, I was the overweight one. In my grown up family, I have two brothers, my sister and myself have type 2 diabetes.
    We all were around 45 years old. Our mother was in her 70’s when she found out she aldo had it. Since then she has has 2 heart attacks. Our whole family are big fans of you and Hilary. My mother has your picture in the den.
    I hope when you become First Gentleman,
    Yum-o with be one of your organizations.
    Thank you. Margaret Hammond