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Ryan Philippe is currently out and about and being spotted wearing shirts that proclaim his support for some very important causes–or maybe he just likes the shirts, I don’t know. I haven’t seen any mention of him yet in the websites of the groups in question. But anyway, in this photo, he’s wearing a shirt emblazoned with the site address of Children’s Defense Fund. And just yesterday, Just Jared reported that in pictures of Ryan emerging from a steakhouse, he was wearing an Africare shirt.

I can’t help noticing that he’s got URLs on both shirts. While it would be a great thing if he’s really supporting these groups, the pictures only make me think that he’s promoting their websites. Hmm…

Photo from FlynetOnline

  • Daily Dumpling

    Not sure about Africare but his ex, Reese Witherspoon, is on the board of Children’s Defense Fund which might explain his interest or at least knowledge of that organization.

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  • lynn

    Thanks for the info :)

  • Kat

    Well, despite questions of sincerity… I think that promoting a website for a cause is a really great thing. More than exposing someone to a cause and them wondering, what’s that really? Instead, it directly points them to a place to get more information.

    I am part of several groups that have intentionally put our website on a tshirt as a way to self-advertise. Was I self promoting? Yes. Insincere? I don’t think so