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snipshot_e4xbfmjt4ak.jpgDaryl Hannah is a busy woman these days. Not only is she touring the country talking about green (and attempting to establish a national biodiesel standard), but she’s also consulting to the stars on green home additions and potentially getting ready to adopt.

According to Hannah, at a recent party hosted by Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith for Al Gore’s winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, (they’re still celebrating?), the couple approached her for some greening advice on their FIVE homes. From the article,

‘Penelope Cruz and Leonardo DiCaprio were there and loads more stars. Melanie and Antonio’s 10-year-old daughter Stella has convinced them to ‘green’ their houses, so I’m going to help them get solar power in their five homes and get their cars on biodiesel.'”

Wow. Five homes. While this celebrity excess is tough to swallow, I’m at least thankful that the footprint of these estates will be reduced. Can we expect some to go off-grid? C’mon, Daryl!

It was also revealed that the actress is interested in adopting, but would rather not follow the same road taken by Angelina Jolie and Madonna.

“‘There are more than half a million children here in the US who need to be adopted or need homes, so-called ‘hard to adopt kids’ because they’re not babies and come from troubled backgrounds, so I think that’s probably the way I’d go.'”

To each their own. Adoption is a beautiful thing. One thing’s for sure, that kid’s gonna be eco-friendly!

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