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Time magazine has named their 100 Most Influential People of 2007 – these are the people that “shape our world” according to, well, them. It was filled with names familiar to Ecorazzi. Here are some tasty tidbits:

Martin Scorsese wrote of DiCaprio: “Leo, 32, is, at heart, fiercely private. He’s also responsible, in the sense that he takes his citizenship—of the world—very seriously, as seriously as he does his acting. He has used his celebrity very carefully in an effort to raise awareness, particularly among younger generations, of the environmental perils facing our planet.” Scorsese also made the 100.

Our Light Green buddy John Mayer made it on the list, too. “This is what Mayer has friends in some very odd places—go on, name another person with Steve Jobs, Kanye West and Jessica Simpson on speed dial—and where his burgeoning celebrity may take him is a subject he ponders in a good regular column for Esquire (“Music Lessons with John Mayer“) and on the only musician’s blog not written by a publicist.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. took on the Governator – a relative by marriage – writing about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, “A true fiscal conservative with a deep commitment to California’s future, the Governor regards environmental injury as deficit spending—loading the cost of this generation’s prosperity onto the backs of our children. Schwarzenegger believes that good economic policy, over the long term, is always the same as good environmental policy.”

On the man who brought images of Darfur to the American public, “We need more people like George Clooney and his father, people who are willing to work hard to expose the suffering of our fellow human beings in all parts of the world.”

They say we underestimate Brad Pitt, only asking of him blockbuster films, date a beautiful woman, and make cute babies. He wants more than just to be our pretty face. Oprah Winfrey was praised by Nelson Mandela on The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in Africa. Melinda Gates celebrated Warren Buffett on his $1 billion donation to her foundation. And no, of course they didn’t forget Vice President turned eco-celebrity Al Gore.

Finally, Time created a separate “Power Givers” section to feature philanthropists such as Bill & Melinda Gates and Angelina Jolie saying that Jolie donates 1/3 of her income to charity.

Check out the entire Time 100.

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    The opionions of the above people of global warming are like assholes everyone has one. Just because they preach this to the world. It has not any factual crediablity.