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jailPoor Paris. It seems the law finally caught up with the young socialite. In honor of Hilton reducing her carbon footprint for the next 45 days, we thought we might touch upon some of her greatest environmental hits. First up, from May 2006:

Paris Hilton had an environmental ban lifted in Austria so she could fly into a PR event. Helicopters are usually are usually forbidden from the resort down Ischgl in Tyrol because of the noise and pollution. Austrian authorities lifted the ban for the hotel heiress, who didn’t to be driven to the launch of a new sparkling wine drink in a can in the Austrian city. (Source: The Scoop)

Next, Paris reportedly loves buying Bling H20 Bottled Water….for her dog, no less. Last November, it was discovered that she bought a case of the wasteful goods for $550. Do they even have bottled water in jail? Whatever will we she do?

And who can forget when Paris ran out of gas three times in the same week while driving around in her fuel-guzzling Bentley? Methinks after this latest incident that Miss Hilton will not be so quick to get behind the wheel — or show up late to a court hearing.

Yes, the air will be a bit cleaner, oil prices will drop, and Bling H20 will suffer a decrease in sales. But, have no fear, our self-proclaimed generation’s Marilyn Monroe will come away from this experience stronger than ever — or at least, more humbled. Or not.

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  • maxmsf

    I guess I didn’t fully grasp what your site was all about — this post helped me grock it and has turned me into a regular reader!

  • Cheryl

    I’m guessing *not*

    A young woman who could choose to use her wealth to do enormous good in the world – what a waste of space she is. and my breath to speak these words.

  • Andrea

    I’ve also heard that she gives her dogs away when they get too big for her, since she prefers them tiny. I guess she’s not aware of the pet overpopulation crisis.

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