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snipshot_e4967447waw1.jpgEveryone knows you can find really great deals at second-hand and charity shops. Apparently, Julia Roberts believes in the same thing.

Not one to spend crazy amounts of money on baby clothes (one size this month, another the next), Roberts saves a pretty penny by shopping for clothing at second-hand shops and recycling her older kids used goods. Her and husband Danny Modder are expecting their third child in the fall. From the article,

“In addition to building her new home in Malibu out of “green” materials such as receyled tiles, bamboo floors, and solar heating, the 39-year-old Pretty Woman is recycling many of the hand-me-downs from her two year-old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel to the new baby as well as picking up some odds and ends from consignment and second-hand stores.

‘Julia spent a lot when the twins were born,’ says a source close to Roberts. ‘She kept most of what she needed from Phinn and Hazel. The rest she has picked up from friends and she’s even been in a few charity shops.'”

There you go! Sound inspiration for any parents or expecting couples looking to save a buck. Second-hand shops, charity sales, friends — all will most likely have everything you need so you’re baby is well dressed. Who cares if it’s not all matching? Save that money for when they become teenagers!

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