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snipshot_e410b4srs4ok.jpgRemember that scene from Who Killed The Electric Car when two people pulled their electric RAV4 into the driveway of a GM facility to block the transport of several EV1 electric cars? The driver of that car was Alexandra Paul. You might remember from the television sensation Baywatch in which she played Lt Stephanie Holden.

I recently spied Paul while catching up on an episode of Cool Fuel that Shaun Murphy sent me. Both him and Alexandra took a trip in a hummer powered by a fuel cell, solar panels, corn whiskey, and a gasifier. In that episode, Alexandra revealed that she’s owned an electric car since the early 90s — inspired to cure her addiction to oil after witnessing what happened with the Exxon Valdez oil spill. From her bio,

“With the advice of my friend Ed Begley Jr., I bought an old Datsun that had been converted to a full electric car. I plugged it into a 110 outlet in my garage, and I got 25 miles on a charge. A couple years later, I bought a red VW Rabbit that went 50 miles on a charge. In 1996, I became the proud driver of the first EV1 leased to the public. The EV1, by GM, was the first mass produced, from-the-ground-up (as opposed to being a gas car whose internal combustion engine is replaced with an electric motor) electric car . Mine was forest green, got 70 miles on a charge, and handled like a Porsche. A couple years later, improved battery technology in the EV1 allowed me to get 100 miles to a charge and then 120 miles to a charge.” Today, Alexandra own a RAV4 EV.

Beyond the environment, Paul is also a committed activist with support for animal rights (she’s a vegetarian) and various efforts to promote peace (she spent five days in jail for a protest in 2002).

We applaud Alexandra for her activism and continued support of alternative energy for vehicles. To read more about her projects, please visit her website here.

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One Response to Baywatch’s Alexandra Paul: Electric Car Owner Since 1990

  1. Ricardo Solano says:

    I notice you forgot to mention Alexandra’s nut-case brother, who’s awaiting sentencing for eco-terror (firebombing) crimes in the Pacific Northwest. oops.

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