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Actor Rahul Khanna is the latest Bollywood star to work with PETA India and in his ad campaign, he’s protesting the condition of elephants in captivity.

An elephant requires almost 200 kgs of food – and more than 150 litres of water – every day, yet many people who own elephants openly admit that they cannot afford to feed the animals this much food. Elephants’ feet are not equipped to walk on tarred roads, yet elephants living in captivity are often forced to spend the entire day – and much of the night – walking on tarred roads. Elephants in cities cause traffic obstructions and pose a threat to the general public. Mahouts* use elephants for begging and have even used elephants to intimidate people in order to get money from them.

*Mahout – person who drives an elephant

Other stars who have signed up to work with PETA include Aishwarya Rai, who’s helping raise awareness about protecting black rhinoceros, and Shilpa Shetty, who is discouraging people from attending circuses. She also has a very interesting photo for her campaign on the PETA India website, by the way.

  • ash

    Cruelty to animals is one of the saddest things to happen. THey play a role in the balance of nature. Much of my childhoud has been spent with animals,birds and the like. Protect them, save them and let them flourish along with human beings, I remain vegetarian because of conviction that no animal should die for satisfyig my hunger. People like Rai and other top actors should convert into vegs and lead a movement toward animal protection. the publicity which aishwarya will generate will be immense and with her beauty and words many will convert, like she gave a fillip to eye donation and polio vaccine. She should join hands with other stars and jointly address animal welfare as a social commitment to the nation.