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snipshot_e41fg50twb55.jpgSmall acts of kindness often go a long way to helping those in need. That being said,  both Harry Connick Jr. and John Legend have given more than their fair share to the people of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. It’s hard to believe, but the area is still rebuilding after the devastating storm of 2005. How much have we spent on the Iraqi war again? Almost $500 billion?! Anyone have a spare billion we could throw at these people?

Politics aside, both Connick and Legend spent this past Sunday helping out in whatever way was needed. The efforts came as part of the 2007 New Orleans Jazz Festival where both artists performed. From the article,

“As Connick’s daughters Georgia, 11, and Kate, 9, pushed brooms across the floor of a home littered with construction debris, Connick trimmed a bedroom window with blue paint. Legend washed clothes as part of a free mobile laundry service for families still living in federally issued trailers in hard-hit St. Bernard Parish. Not all trailers that hurricane-affected families live in come equipped with washers and dryers.”

Harry also offered up his vision for what the crushed 9th Ward might one day look like.

“‘It’s not about guilt,’ he said from the front porch of one of the candy-colored, shotgun houses that stick out among the vacant houses and empty, overgrown lots in this storm-ravaged section of the Upper 9th Ward. ‘I just don’t want to see it go away.’

Connick said he envisioned a village made up not only of houses but also of cafes, jazz clubs, mom-and-pop-type businesses and a music center for children _ a community where kids can ride their bikes down the streets ‘all the while hearing music.'”

Who could complain about a future like that?

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