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Shrek 4 To Carry A Green Environmental Message?

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snipshot_e41k9umwpe6b.jpgShrek 3 isn’t even in theaters yet and already plans are underway for the 4th installment. Of course, there’s no dead horse to beat with this series — yet. The amount of stories one can weave from fairy tales is pretty extensive. Plus, Puss In Boots is one of the greatest computer animated characters ever conceived! But I digress…

Actress Cameron Diaz, who voices the lovely green Fiona in the Shrek series, is pushing for the fourth installment to include an environmental message. From the article,

“‘That’s something I’ve been on Jeffrey’s (producer Katzenberg) ear about, that the swamp possibly could be in danger,’ Contactmusic quoted Diaz, as saying.

And it’s not just Diaz who is considering the plan, as Julie Andrews, who voices the character of Princess Fiona’s mother in the Shrek animated films, also feels that the film will be the best medium to spread the message. ‘What better way to get a message across than with something that’s so funny?’ Andrews said.”

A swamp in danger? Maybe. Or how about Prince Charming decides to fire the seven dwarfs in favor of mountaintop removal which leads to air pollution, poisoned rivers, global warming, etc. Meanwhile, the evil Fairy Godmother sidesteps the Muffin Man and pushes through legislation that relaxes laws on dumping and horse carriage efficiency. Dragons are replaced by coal burning furnaces, magical forests are cleared for Farbucks Coffee, Burger Prince, and Banana Kingdom outlets, and Unicorns are once again driven to extinction from loss of habitat (and genetically modified Gillyweed).

Who says fairy tales can’t come true?

Thanks to Sir Linton for the tip!

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