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Ethan Hawke Gives Up Fast Food, Trying To Be Vegetarian

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snipshot_e48l82hskt9.jpgAfter taking part in the film Fast Food Nation, Ethan Hawke has revealed that junk food is completely off his plate. Going full-on vegetarian is a completely different matter though. The actor admits that committing to the diet change has been a bit of a difficult task. From the article,

“Ethan told the Independent recently: ‘I’ve been trying very hard [to go vegetarian] for the last five years and sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t.’ His mum is a committed veggie and he added: ‘She has a joke that she always says at dinner conversations, which is, ‘Are you vegetarian yet?’, because she believes that by the time my children are grown up, basically everybody will be one.’

‘If you had to kill the cow every time you had to eat it, if you had to go slit its throat, you would eat meat about twice a year.’”

Yes, or not at all. If people also had to raise cows, they might think differently about the killing them for food. I sympathize with Ethan’s difficulties in completely giving up meat. In response to my weakness for chicken, I’ve attempted to buy from organic farms. Still, my diet is remarkably more balanced than when I was growing up. After watching movies like The Witness and enjoying meat alternatives like soy, I haven’t missed much.

Anyone else out there having trouble giving up meat completely?

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