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Bob Geldof Questions The Motive Behind Live Earth Concerts

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snipshot_e49qllfpiws.jpgBob Geldof, the organizer behind the Live 8 and Live Aid charity concerts, has surprisingly come out as a critic of the upcoming Live Earth climate change event. According the Geldof — who apparently lives in a cave filled with environmentalists — the world is perfectly aware of global warming and doesn’t need to be reminded of its serious nature. From the article,

“‘I hope they’re a success,’ De Volkskrant newspaper quoted Geldof as saying in an interview. ‘But why is (Gore) actually organizing them? To make us aware of the greenhouse effect? Everybody’s known about that problem for years. We are all (expletive) conscious of global warming,’ he said.”

Bob Geldof has apparently never visited North America before. It gets better.

“‘I would only organize (Live Earth) if I could go on stage and announce concrete environmental measures from the American presidential candidates, Congress or major corporations,’ he told the newspaper. ‘They haven’t got those guarantees, so it’s just an enormous pop concert or the umpteenth time that, say, Madonna or Coldplay get up on stage.’ Geldof also criticized the former vice president’s choice of the name Live Earth. ‘It sounds like Live 8,’ he told the paper. ‘We’re getting lots of responses from people who think we are organizing it.'”

Does “Live Earth” really sound like “Live 8”? Perhaps in a wind tunnel — but not to these ears. Furthermore, you can bet that with all the attention this concert is getting, there is going to be serious scrutiny into how the money is spent. To simply wait for others to come to the table is an asinine idea. The world is focused right now — and it’s perfect timing for Gore and Co. to channel that awareness into something that can both entertain and raise money for initiatives governments are slow to back.

It sounds to me like Geldof feels a little left out.  Hit the article for more!

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