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Is Brown The New Green?

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People who care about the environment had better hope so because, whether you liked Tony Blair or not, nobody can deny that environmental policies here in the UK have suffered more ups and downs than a lift engineer’s toolbox since he first became Prime Minister in 1997. Google has almost 40 million entries for ‘new labour and the environment’, so you can look there for the in depth stuff. But in a nutshell, it seems that if nothing else, at least there is going to be less bullshit from Gordon Brown and (perhaps more importantly) that if he wants to win his own election (2009) he had better start getting ready to fight on environmental issues. Woop Woop.

Global Co2 levels have suffered badly from New Labour’s environmental hot air. Deputy Prime Minister John ‘2 Jags’ Prescott’s fondness for luxury cars is legendary, as was the 250-yard long official car journey between his hotel and the 1999 conference centre, where he delivered speeches on saving the planet! Mr Prescott’s reasoning for this was:

“Because of the security reasons for one thing and, second, my wife doesn’t like to have her hair blown about. Have you got another silly question?”

Tony Blair went to great lengths to ensure that New Labour puckered up and kissed UK celebrity ass, the Gallagher brothers Noel & Liam led the champagne cavalry into 10 Downing Street (Noel: How did you you manage stay up so late on election night? Tony: Not, I imagine, the same way as you) right up until Chumbawamba (literally) poured ice cold water all over New Labour at the 1998 Brit awards.

It seems that more people flew on an aeroplane than went to church in the UK in 2006. Perhaps Blair’s greatest green legacy will be to have created such discredited and wishy washy environmental policies that Gordon Brown has to scream and kick against them in order to forge his own (greener) identity.

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