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bluemarine_logo.jpgEco star Ed Begley Jr. has been lending his thoughts, time, and energy to saving the planet for many years. The problem is, prior to green being cool not many people were listening.

Ed has their ears now — especially with a hit television show, a line of eco-friendly cleaning products, and public support for massive green initiatives around the country. With this in mind, he’s launched a new online site with partners Tim Matteson and Joseph Gutwirth called Fixing The Planet. From the release,

“Designed as a forum-based community, the site offers topic specific forums centered on environmental issues. Rather than “pushed” content which you find in Blogs or News related “green” sites, will be the one-stop resource for all things green. ‘I have been doing this stuff since 1970 – driving an electric car, composting, recycling – and I’ve always tried to set a good example for others who are interested in sustainable living. It’s not only been good for the environment, but it’s been good for my pocket book. With, my hope is that people have one place to go where they can find answers to their questions’ says Mr. Begley.”

How many people will be talking the latest in green? The site has set some lofty goals for membership with 500,000 participants expected by the end of this year — and 2 million for 2008. Can they do it? Head on over and take a look. Inspired design it is not — but the content more than makes up for it.

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  • Steven hinz

    Dear Ed’s staffer,

    I am working on a proposal for Toyota Motors and one of the best Grant Writers in the Country, Sherry Watson. What I’d like to do is create a program where anyone in our City can afford to buy a new high bread. I want to create TOTAL MARKET SATURATION (tens of thousands of high breads in our City) making a huge stride toward making our City, Youngstown, Ohio (former Hub of the steel belt and now unfortunately know as the hub of the rust belt) a Green City. Youngstown Ohio has been getting a lot of national attention in the past few years. We have been Nationally recognized for our Youngstown 2010 Plan ( We have also been Nationally recognized for our SBA and other revitalization efforts in our Downtown HUB zone.

    There has been many write ups in, News Week, Fortune, an article by Paul Harvey, and most recently (May 3rd) on the cover of the Wall Street Journal. Our new young progressive mayor has made amazing strides in demolishing old dilapidated commercial and residential structures (over 400 last year) that were beyond saving and had no architectural value, giving our City a much cleaner appearance and safer surroundings.

    My efforts across the City has been focused on saving those properties that can be saved, by attracting real estate investors form all over the globe to invest and rehab here. I have managed to attract people from Both Costs of the US and as far away as France and Australia. I have been instrumental in the liquidation and saving from demolition and blight over 30 properties in the past 2 years and currently have contracts on 100 more in my inventory. Many of these homes are turn key rentals that have already been rehabbed and can be bought for $30 – $40,000 they will have positive cash flow and will appreciate over the next 5 years. I have total rehabs from as low as $6,000! Rehabbed these homes will be worth as much as $75,000. You can check my new sites out if you like, and These sites are constantly growing, so please check back often.

    I’m currently working with John White, who will be building a green factory here to process Aqu-Timber ( This business is a green business harvesting sunken old cut timber from the rivers and lakes of Northern America and milling it into lumber, saving our forests. The first contract he will complete (from which the publicity will come) is the remodel of the Yale University Library. He is also the financier behind a new form of travel along coastal waters. It will be more environmentally friendly then both ferry and air travel. We are starting this venture in Alaska, where many whales are hit by ships and the air and the environment in general are negatively affected by both methods of travel. This new form of travel will also stimulate the local economy as we can provide travel faster then a ferry (1/5th he time) and at a price about 30-40% cheaper then air travel.

    The reason I’m writing is I am seeking contact with a Green Celebrity Like Mr. Begley, Mr. DeCaprio, or any others that may be interested in bringing attention to such a program as the high bread one I mentioned above. Do you have connections to any Green Celebrities? Could you please forward this message to them, their manager, agent, or studio if at all possible? If you can provide any assistance or guidance in these matters, I’ll gladly except ANY help you can give, calls or e-mails! Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    Have a Fantastic Day!

    Youngstown’s 3rd Ward City Council Candidate 2007
    Your 12 Visions Party Presidential Candidate 2012

    Steven Hinz
    Hinz-Dom – Family of Companies
    256 N. Heights
    Youngstown, Ohio 44504-1717
    (330) 743-6018 H/O
    (330 506-2104 Cell