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Orlando Bloom's Green House Pushes Star's Budget

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One of the conversations that consistently comes up in interviews with Orlando Bloom is the state of his eco-friendly home project in the UK. The organization Global Green has been helping the actor remodel his residence for the past couple years. Bloom used massive amount of recycled materials, installed solar panels, and apparently pushed the price tag higher than he would have anticipated. From the article,

“He says, ‘It has been a hassle, no denying it. It has come in at double the budget but I’ll admit it was me who was making all the changes! It’s powered by all the latest technology and I’ve tried to think about recycling – using as much old material as I can. It isn’t furnished yet and I’m still living out of a suitcase but it’s coming together.'”

Granted, Bloom most likely has a bevy of designers and architects helping him with the home. Integrating state of the art technology into an existing structure is also a bit more expensive than working from the ground up. But hey, we appreciate what celebrities do for the area of green building because — for the time being — they’re part of the relative few who can afford the full makeover.

With the proper promotion, such as what Bloom is doing, we’ll see a trickle down effect in the coming years that will make our green options all the more affordable.

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