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snipshot_e4vuj8u31xe.jpgJust when things were looking up for Britney Spears.

The pop star has been working on a comeback with several well-received impromptu concerts and a new album, but still refuses to rub two brain cells together on most everything else.

This past Friday night, on a commercial flight from L.A. to Miami, Spears flipped out after finding that the plane had absolutely no leather seats. It got so bad that she demanded the plane return to the gate so that she could get off.

We were about to award bonus points for the pop star’s choice in travel — her past is littered with private jet abuse. We’re fairly certain, however, that her shocking discovery on this flight will lead her back to old habits.

Who knew that first class could be so thoughtless?

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  • Dana

    Interesting. I find leather seats exceedingly uncomfortable. Also uncomfortable is thinking about exactly where leather comes from and the conditions of the feedlots and factory farms, as well as the massive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions such as methane that cows put into the atmosphere (18% of greenhouse gases comes from livestock, according to the U.N.)

  • becky

    I am in agreeance with Dana. Leather is uncomfortable, even faux leather. I remember my mum’s van with faux leather in it, the seats got so hot and sticky. Yuck!

  • Brent

    Sounds like an over-reation. Say, like one would have if they were, say, on drugs.

  • Kitania

    She is just a spoiled brat.

  • David

    My god, is that a real picture of her? I can still see it when I close my eyes…

  • michael

    It’s a real photo. She almost looks like Heath Ledger as the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie…

  • rebecca

    Never compare Britney to the gorgeous Heath! It looks like they caught her a split second before losing her lunch.

    And, on a more related comment, I have always hated leather seats from a comfort level. Plus the whole I don’t like to sit on animals thing.