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snipshot_e41ipdpcqa3j.jpgJulia Roberts is getting into a habit of accepting roles based on the lives of strong and passionate women. Her 2000 film, Erin Brockovich, won her the Academy Award. Now it’s being reported that she’s ready to star in a film about the life of British wildlife conservationist Joan Root.

According to The Daily Green, “Root was a Kenyan native and wildlife documentary film maker, whose life’s work came to a brutal end with a gunshot in 2006. ” Apparently, she was fighting to save Kenya’s Lake Naivasha from the ecologically damaging effects of a flower farm. Police in Kenya investigated whether the white settler was killed as a result of a botched robbery or assassinated by people objecting to her conservation work.

Roberts will play a younger Root following her life-making pioneering and award-winning wildlife documentaries with husband Alan Root while traveling the globe for more than 20 years. From the article,

“Working Title co-chair Tim Bevan said: `We are thrilled to be making a film about such a courageous, adventurous and passionate woman and delighted that Julia Roberts shares our enthusiasm for the project and will take on the role of Joan.'”

Good on ya, Julia. It’s wonderful to see more films appearing that focus on the lives and work of amazing people fighting for those that have no voice. We’ll update with more on this film as it develops.

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