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Showtime just aired Penn & Teller‘s Bullshit episode entitled, “Nukes, Hybrids, and Lesbians” and some how, it all does get covered in a single episode. Lucky for us, someone has been kind enough to post it on YouTube – see the entire thing through parts 1, 2, & 3.

The show starts off with Penn & Teller sitting in the dark telling us that “We hear there is an energy crisis so we all have to conserve. We need a smaller carbon footprint for filmmaker Al Gore. There’s no waste here. By presenting the show like this, we might save enough energy for Al to make another movie telling everyone else to be Spartan. Fortunately for all of us the energy crisis is BULLSHIT!”

Penn goes on to let us know that in 30 minutes he can solve the energy crisis and “give us tits. Did Al Gore give you tits? No he did not!”

They really rip on the hybrid throughout the entire show. First, they go and talk to the guy that runs and make him look like an idiot. Sorry Bradley, you really did that to yourself. Then, well, what else than to send two lesbians on a blind date in the Prius and have them complete various tasks throughout the day?

I’ll stop writing so that you can watch. But please note, this is NOT appropriate for work! Penn was serious about that whole, umm, giving you a show, thing.

Favorite lines: Penn on the beauty of a hybrid – “Beautiful? It looks like a possum fucked a Dustbuster.” Alicia puts on an eye patch and says to Megan – “I want your booty!”

And I have to say, the whole thing about getting a tax break on hybrids but not on other super fuel efficient cars is a bit of an issue. Let’s promote high MPG, not just the “hybrid” brand. I’ve been in hybrids that get a lot less mileage than a Corolla.

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  • Steve

    The hybrid piece was bullshit. They rapped on the Prius because its HIGHWAY mileage is comparable to others. Hybrids don’t affect highway mileage. The electric motor is activated during acceleration, like from a stop, when the most fuel is consumed. Why didn’t they consider the Camry hybrid, which gets EPA est. 38 highway, 40 city??? A full size car which ain’t that bad to look at. Hybrid is a legit technology and Penn & Teller are full of shit on this one.

  • Pete

    Why not buy a salvaged Chevy Cobalt that gets 35mpg, costs less, and in one action recycles more in one action then the average person does in their lifetime?

    oh yes, having a hybird is a status thing.