by Michael dEstries
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If you ever wanted to see a very candid Leonardo DiCaprio talking about his environmental passions, this great video is for you. Features some great shots from the Cannes Film Festival premiere of The 11th Hour.

According to our source, the film was well received. “The screening was incredible, we got a standing ovation and Leonardo was very happy. We’re also sponsoring, and greening, the American Pavilion here and we’ve got a bunch of great young folks on the ground cleaning up/recycling… and helping to spread the green word.”

Very Cool. Check out the vid below!

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  • Valerie

    Rad! Thanks for posting this video! It’s so good to see him reaching into political and economic issues, rather than just spouting off the green “tips” we’ve heard a million times.

  • Lindy

    Happy to hear that. And thanks for the great video too!

  • Rose

    Way to go Leo..standing ovation! great video too, thanks! I am proud of Leonardo that he is doing his share for the environment and sending his message across, good for you.I am learning every day what I can do.