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snipshot_e41jiha5ml2o2.jpgI love documentaries. Not only for their candid nature and interesting topics, but because they allow a different perspective on a feature of life or society you never considered. Take for instance the case of a geophysicist named John Goold. Here’s a guy who’s an environmentalist/filmmaker that came up with a brilliant hypothesis: What if receding glaciers expose new veins of gold previously undiscovered? What if that exploration was filmed?

And so, the documentary Goold’s Gold was born. Here’s a little snippet from the site,

“The feature film — shooting already underway — is about a maverick geophysicist who has returned to the gold rush town of Valdez to search for new veins of gold in the one place where no gold prospector has set foot: at the base of glaciers that are melting faster than ever before.”

John’s not the only one to have thought of the green from global warming. His doc will also focus on a Canadian mining firm in Southern Chile that is building a large-scale mine at the base of a glacier.

There’s currently a trailer up that does a better job of fleshing out the concept. Pretty much — like most documentaries I enjoy — it’s about one man’s dream to film an idea that might pay off big. Grab the popcorn!

Additionally, the film is looking for your support through donations or experience in the movie industry. An executive producer who can offer seed funding is currently at the top of the list. Take a look here at the job listing or visit the official site for more information.

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  • aydede

    global warrming happens only at films and cartoons.not real life

  • Jonathan Goold

    Interesting hypothesis aydede, are you suggesting natural cycles do not exist e.g., the wax and wane of caribou population?