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nbc greenAs we reported earlier this month, NBC Universal is getting serious about taking entertainment green. Today, additional details were released that give us a good idea of the steps they plan on taking.

NBC U will join parent company GE’s “ecoimagination” initiative with a company wide effort to green everything from corporate operations to film, television, and its Universal theme parks. The goal is a paltry 3% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2012. Honestly? Couldn’t we at least shoot for 5%?

Regardless of numbers, NBC U’s “Get On Board” program will be an excellent primer for getting employees and local orgs behind green efforts. From the article,

“‘Now is the time for us not just to think green but to act green,’ said Jeff Zucker, NBCU President and CEO, in Thursday’s announcement. ‘We must run our businesses in a way that respects and protects our most valuable resource, the environment. This comprehensive program is a first series of steps that we hope will set a new course for the entire industry.’

In addition, extensive recycling programs and maximizing the use of nontoxic cleaning products and low-emission paints, sealants and lacquers will be instituted.  NBC U’s various networks will also carry environmentally-themed service announcements, tips, and a complete airing of the Live Earth concert series on July 7, 2007 around the world.

Is this the start of a deeper shade of green for Hollywood? Beyond the Prius and personal campaigns of its stars, the film industry has been hammered for the environmental hell it wreaks during the production process. I’m inclined to believe that we’ll see real results from studios; substantial reductions in waste and intelligent considerations for recycling and energy. Let’s hope such “ecoimagination” turns into the real deal.

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