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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have enough “get out of jail” cards to stay in our good graces for a very long time. That doesn’t mean, however, that their charitable ways are in harmony with their green ones.

Unlike DiCaprio, Prince Charles, or other famous individuals, Jolie-Pitt still take private jets to most destinations. Since these two are about the most famous couple since Adam and Eve, a little privacy goes a long way. Unfortunately, it gets worse.

For her latest film, Wanted, Angelina Jolie gave producers several demands if she was going to take on a role once reserved for Halle Berry. Of those, she requested a mansion, free helicopter lessons for Brad, and that his prized Bugatti Veyron be shipped over from California to Prague. Yikes. While Pitt may be helping Global Green build eco-friendly homes in New Orleans, he’s still driving around in a $700,000 car that gets 9 miles per gallon. I wasn’t aware that Prague no longer had cars available for celebrities to enjoy.

And then there’s the $100 million-plus super yacht the couple is expecting. From a recent article,

“The 280ft vessel, which comes complete with its own glass-fronted submarine that can be launched from its hull, has eight decks, seven lifts and can carry eight limousines, three helicopters and a seaplane. It comes fitted with his and hers ‘wellness centers’, sauna and spa baths.”

I’m not going to deny the rich and famous their opportunities to play; but sometimes things like shipping cars from one side of the planet to the other for pure pleasure ticks me off. Brad and Angelina have never made the environment their primary goal, but I sure wish they paid as much attention to the cause as they do their charity work. Let’s help children, but let’s also make sure we give them a healthy world to grow up in.

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  • Just The Facts

    The yacht story was denied.

    Brad doesn’t own a Bugatti Veyron.

    He hasn;t been taking helicopter lessons either.

  • michael

    Thanks JTF —

    Can you point us to these sources so we can correct the story?

    Kind Regards, Michael

  • rebecca

    I just have to say that if Brad or Angelina tried to fly commercial it would be a mob scene. And together? Forget it. I think there are a few people in the world that seriously have problems flying commercial, and I think Prince Charles and Brad & Angelina are included in that small group. Thoughts?

  • michael

    But Prince Charles is flying commercial:

  • jess0

    Haven’t seen that car in Prague yet! They get around in 2 Audi cars and a minvan.

    The sourse that leaked the Yacht story only said a celebrity couple has ordered the boat. They didn’t mention the Jolie-Pitts at all. The story was made up.

    They do a lot for the environment including conservation in Cambodia, the New Orleans Green project and are planing to build an eco-friendly self sufficient home in North Santa Barbra.

    Yes they do fly around a lot but they are stalked wherever they go. I think the Private jets are a nessasary for them given the very real security threats.

  • bright strangely

    Yes they do fly around a lot but they are stalked wherever they go. I think the Private jets are a nessasary for them given the very real security threats.

    oh the irony. they have to, because they’re so famous that we track their every move.

    it’s always a choice. i’m deeply enamored of the prettypitt, but it is always their choice to live in the manner they choose.