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Last night Ann Curry sat down with Angelina Jolie in a Dateline NBC special called “Straight from the Heart“. I’m not usually a Datelinewatcher, but I have to say that they enticed me with the clips and previews of Angie’s humanitarian work. In fact, they were focusing on it so much, that I assumed it would take up a decent sized portion of the program.

However, as the program continued, all I kept seeing were the “previews” of her good work, but not a focus on it. And they kept stringing me along until about minute 50 or so of this 60 minute program, when they finally spent a minute or two on the topic.

My question is: if you are using the humanitarian angle as the “selling point” of watching the show, why oh why do you simply brush over it? I know this was a promotion for her movie (also produced by Brad Pitt) A Mighty Heart…but if you are going to sell the topic, why not deliver? It’s obviously appealing to the general public, or you wouldn’t be using it before and after every commercial.

All was not lost, though. I was excited to see some clips from Angelina’s documentary A Place in Time, however. It recently screened at the Tribeca Film Festival and is the ultimate in Ecorazzi films. She sent celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Anne Hathaway, Jude Law, Wyclef Jean, and Sean Astin to film the same 3 minutes across more than 25 countries, focusing on animals and people. And instead of inviting the press & glitterati to her premiere, she invited students. Can’t wait to see it for myself!

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  • Not buying it

    She hijacked the interview also. It was meant to be about A Mighty Heart isn’t it? Instead it became about her and how good she is as a person. She comes across as something out of a novel, the hero of some sorts. It was quite pretentious if you ask me.

  • Not buying it

    One more thing I want to say, most women want to be good mothers. Jolie and ann curry made it soud like it was a massive deal for her. Pitt has also made me laugh when he said ‘we want the kids to live a dignified life’. OH please…if you do, leave them out of the lime light, stop creating high drama for your kids by talking about them constantly when you have movies to promote!

  • MementoVivere

    Does anyone know where to view A Place in Time?

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  • Bill Compton

    Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks