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That iconic face on the bottles of organic dressings, popcorn, sauces and other items that grace the Newman’s Own product line is resting a little easier these days. Actor Paul Newman has announced that he is leaving the Hollywood scene to focus on his life as an organic entrepreneur. The 82 year-old screen legend has successfully raised almost $250 million dollars for charity from profits from his food products. He recently gave ABC News a tour of his organic farm — the one that supplies most of the food in his restaurant, Dressing Room, and an overview of the good living he passionately believes in. From the article,

“Newman and Nischan have put their own food politics right on their restaurant’s sign. Dressing Room proudly boasts that the establishment is “A Homegrown Restaurant.”

One of the principal ingredients served here is a principle of the restaurant itself — organic food grown close to home is best. Best for the people who eat it, and best for their communities. In fact, the restaurant sponsors a twice-weekly local farmer’s market in the parking lot — testimony to their belief that local food can build communities.

Newman relishes his time at the market.

‘[There] is that real sense of community that is really disappearing in suburban towns,’ he said.”

Couldn’t agree more there. The article also highlights the real effort by Newman and his chef, Michel Nischan, to include organic and humanely raised animals as part of the menu.

“Nischan said the seemingly insatiable American demand for steak is fueling dangerous and unhealthy ways of raising beef cattle. ‘The leverage of that market created a system of animal agriculture that is environmentally unsound, actually destructive and very unkind to the animals that are trapped in the system. And [it’s] not good for animal health and human health,’ he said.”

Newman said that because he’s no longer at the top of the game with acting, he’s more than happy to leave it behind to focus on other projects. Here at Ecorazzi, we wish him the best in focusing his energies on initiatives that help so many.

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