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We’ll let you decide if this is intentional or not, but I believe the below video makes it pretty clear how Alicia Silverstone feels about The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

The actress recently appeared on the television program promoting her vegan lifestyle and showing off her Stella McCartney clothing and shoes. Cool fact: On the bottom of Stella’s shoes, it says “Suitable for vegetarians”.

Anyways, when she was introduced, Silverstone walked in and gave everyone a hug, except co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. One can interpret this as a simple oversight, but perhaps Silverstone disagrees with Hasselbeck’s traditionally conservative views? You be the judge.

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  • Matt

    I’ve seen the video. Sure seems like a high schoolish thing to do. Kind of sad really.

  • Nancy

    HA! How freaking professional from an actress who can’t, and doesn’t, act anymore..not much anyway! If she doesn’t agree with Elisabeth, as many don’t, then she should keep her personal feelings to her self and be professional when a guest on a show. Does she snub everyone who is not vegan? They eat things with a face on them…that goes against her beliefs doesn’t it? We are all adults here and should STOP acting like children!!! I’m sorry Rosie felt she had to leave the view, yes. Do I like her? Not particuarly..but she added color and diversity to the View’s table and that’s what it’s all about. Should they had made America feel so uncomfortable when watching their show? Probably not, but Rosie chose to leave and that is that! Alicia was a GUEST and did not act like a gracious or polite one at that!!! Shows how ignorant Hollywood can really be! I’m on the verge of giving up all things Hollywood!!! You shouldn’t use your fame, or in Alicia’s case…so called fame, to your advantage unless it’s for the good of human kind! Voice your opinions, sure…but the rudeness and unprofessional, childish bickering and attitudes are senseless.

  • kc

    Well, The View is a show with hosts and guests who are supposed to let down their act and be real. I’d say Alicia Silverstone did a good job of that, and rightly snubbed Elizabeth. Rosie’s argument with Elizabeth, this time, was not political, but personal. Rosie asked Elizabeth, simply, did she really believe, as all the regressively conservative media tried to imply, that she, Rosie, considered the troops to be terrosists. Elizabeth, in all honesty, should have answered, “No.” Rosie was trying to point out two things: 1) that the Iraqi people were likely to think of US as the terrorists because since we invaded their country under false pretenses, 600,000 Iraqis have died; it doesn’t matter who killed them, just that they died because of the circumstances surrounding our invasion of their country; and 2) I think she was implying that the Administration (Bush/Cheney and side-kicks), NOT the troops, are also terrorists. Elizabeth, knowing Rosie personally, should know the difference, and, republican or not, should have defended her on that point, not only as a friend, but because Elizabeth should have been smart enough to know the truth and courageous enough to state it. I think she is a Bushie talking-head that is being coached by his cronies so that she can force their criminal crap down America’s throat on daytime tv. Too bad. I won’t watch The View as long as she is still on it.

  • v

    Exactly, to poster (kc). Elisabeth should have been smart enough to understand what Rosie was saying. Wednesday morning also, she and Joy should have been smart enough to understand the point Suze Orman was making, regardless of whether or not they agreed with her. If those two could only UNDERSTAND simple logic once in a while!

  • cs

    you can hear elisabeth saying sorry when silverstone walks past her and then silverstone’s like, “it’s ok” or “that’s ok” or something like that. i wonder what what was all about…maybe the snubbing had something to do with something elisabeth may’ve said during the ad break. just guessing here…

  • Jackie

    Hah! In your face, ELizabeth! Serves her right. What Alicia did is perfectly ok with me.

  • sophia

    Silverstone acted like someone in high school. Be a professional.

  • EM

    I have watched the View on a pretty regular basis until Rosie came on. The show used to be entertaining and not mean spirited. If Rosie and Barbara want to make it a Political Talk show they should take it to a Cable network and have it be a commentary and opinionated political show. I believe the editor is definitely wrong to compare these ladies with Walter Cronkite. These ladies are entertainers and I for one miss the entertaining show that it used to be. Save the mean spirited stuff for shows like “Hardball” etc.
    Give me back the entertaining discussions. They were a lot of fun along with talking about serious thing is an intelligent manner. Ms. Silverstone was definetlely wrong and nothing was discussed by her. That show me how ignorant she is. She should have greeting Elizabeth in a humane manner and if she had a beef with here over the Rosie deal she should have confronted it verbally and not in the rude way she did.

  • Andrea

    I watched the segment and I think Alicia did a great job talking about her renewable energy programs and her vegan lifestyle. I thought she came across as very informed, sensible and passionate. She’s a great face for earth and animal friendly-ness. I don’t know what the whole controversy is about- I don’t even know which one was Elizabeth. The only host I recognized is of course Rosie. So I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

  • sergio sv

    Alicia was awesome that day!!!.

  • Patty O’Phurnit

    Alicia was a real cunt – that’s why I hate the airheaded actress

  • hamada

    it was very surprising to see her nud

  • Bob Le

    I think Alicia behaved like a child,she is a washed up actress and is trying to get some pub.Elizabeth is the only one on that show who deserves any respect,she is true to herself and not just trying to get the popular Liberal,bleeding hearts to like her. Rosie almost destroyed that show,thak God she got the boot. Hurray for Elizabeth!

  • Monique

    I thought it was very funny. I mean Alicia has her opinion just like Elisabeth has hers. If Alicia wanted to miss her, then that is really her business. I mean Elisabeth is a bit annoying. I can’t say either one is right, but I will say that it was funny!

  • Tammy

    If anyone saw the entire episode, that was the one where Rosie and Elisabeth had that wicked fight on camera. It was before the Alicia segment. Alicia and Rosie are close friends and that is why she snubbed her. I saw the episode when it originally aired. That was Rosie’s last show.

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