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Last Wednesday, we celebrated with Adrian Grenier and his family at Memphis, Hollywood’s last-standing Victorian house built in 1903 that has been restored into a restaurant and lounge. The fam, along with cast and crew from Entourage, got together after an industry premiere of his documentary A Shot in the Dark, which airs on HBO June 3rd at 10:30.

The film is about Adrian’s quest to find his estranged father when he was 22. He took a camera and a couple of friends, went on the road interviewing family and strangers across states on his way to “bum-rush” his dad’s place. It took him two weeks to film and seven years to edit this very personal and raw footage about Adrian’s exploration of identity.

And don’t we LOVE Adrian’s identity… he took the time to talk about how the family unit can be strengthened as they make responsible and fun decisions together that serve the environment. Adrian told us about how he celebrated Earth Hour by having an intimate candle-lit dinner amongst friends. “When you take yourself out of all the stimulation produced by electricity, you really have an opportunity to participate on a fundamental, family level.”

His contemporary understanding of the family unit and environmental living has led to a few deals (one from the Discovery Channel) for a TV series, tentatively titled The Green Life. Green experts in different fields will go out and help single home families, small businesses, college dorms, and film/tv sets green their “living” spaces. Director Peter Glatzer, who is helping him build the production, said “We’ve unpacked the homemaker…anywhere that you spend more than 12 hours a day, like a tv set or your office can be considered home.”

If home is where the green heart is – Adrian, you’re welcome at our place anytime!

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  • Gloria Rose

    Good morning
    I live in Big Bear Ca. I don’t sleep well, don’t care why anymore and there is an added bonus to my early wakeful hours. I watch tv in the wee hours. Usually HBO has really interesting stuff on early Sunday mornings. I have seen a lot of thought provoking documentaries in the quiet of the morning.
    This morning I saw “Shot in the Dark”. I was just so focused on the whole thing. Though I knew my dad, he was kinda like Adrian’s moms dad. Was the sperm donor and that’s all, though he was married to my mom until he died 7 years ago. In my own life as a woman, my ex husband has pretty much relinquished his responsibilities as a dad and my youngest is pretty much being raised by me. My older two are well on their way with their lives but there are scars that their dad left that will never go away.
    Funny, how I hadn’t thought about these things until I saw Adrian’s piece this morning. I cried as he awkwardly talked to his dad on the phone, when he met and they shot a scene focusing on both the dad and Adrian’s legs. (Adrian’s were shaking), it was all so pongiant. Brought back all kinds of memories.
    I don’t know when he shot this but I do know it touched me deeply. I realized that though I knew my father and my kids know theirs, there isn’t too much difference in our stories. They are all sad like Adrian’s. The fact is, we all share one factor. We never really had the love of our fathers. It is painful, we cover up the scars and move on hoping we make better choices in our own adult lives.
    I have been shopping this morning already, Adrian’s haunting look still stays with me. My own son, 17 years old and sicker than a dog this last week, is on the couch watching tv, a smile on his face when I come in through the door with all the “mom” medicines and juices he needs. I love him so much my heart is suddenly full of love for him and a little sadness that his father still thinks being a Disneyland dad will be enough.
    Thank you Adrian for making “A Shot in the Dark”. No more darkness huh? You definitely shine.
    Gloria Rose