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snipshot_e41e9v3g8n4q.jpgThe greening of the music industry is hot! We’re starting to see both old school and emerging artists embrace eco-friendly initiatives and work to reduce the carbon footprints of their tours and fans.

New to me is a group called Cloud Cult that’s walking the walk and weighing the environmental impact of not only their musical performances and tours, but also how it all comes together in production. MTV has a great video feature on the group that covers their groovy green beliefs — as well as a tour of their recording studio completely made from recycled materials. Back in April, Grist sat down with the group and chatted about what makes them so determined to help the planet. Here’s a little snippet from the article,

“The band records and produces its music on the organic farm of band leader, principal songwriter, and singer Craig Minowa. The northern Minnesota farm — also Minowa’s home and the offices of his nonprofit music label Earthology Records — is heated entirely with geothermal energy. Early albums were shipped in recycled jewel cases, cleaned by hand by the band; since then, Earthology has developed a full range of eco-friendly packaging and reproduction services that it offers to other bands.”

Recording on an organic farm? These guys win hands-down in terms of “going green”. Very impressive.  Hit their official site for more!

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