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Damien Rice is quickly becoming the song writer you turn to when you need a sad song to match a sad moment. I’ve heard his unique musical style on both television and in movies. Ever since Blower’s Daughter caught my ear during the film Closer, I’ve been a big fan. But damn, please put away all sharp objects when listening to his music after a breakup or broken heart.

Anyways, not only is the guy good for some tears, but he’s also a committed environmentalist. All of his tours are offset with carbon credits and transportation is fueled purely with biodiesel. Rice also pays to make his fans’ footprints carbon-neutral at each concert. MSN’s Stop Global Warming crew recently sat down with the singer in Seattle and had him open up about his green passions. Here’s a little snippet from the article,

“KS: You’re participating in Al Gore’s Live Earth concert this summer. How did you get involved with that? What do you hope will be the result of the concerts?

DR: When I heard it was going on, I expressed an interest in it. Again, it’s one of these things that I have a little conflict about since people are flying in to play at the concert and flying back out after it. But I hope that it creates a massive amount of awareness among people around the world, so that when there’s a push for governments to change the way we do things, the support is there among people. If people know what’s going on and they’re aware of the consequences of what we’re doing, if that becomes spread throughout the world and throughout people’s consciousness, that would be a great thing. It’s in moments of change that these things are important, because if people just have a little bit more knowledge, if it’s a decision for them to push for this or that, I think all the awareness helps.”

Great answer. Let’s hope the tipping point is indeed this July 7th. Hit the article for the full interview!

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  • Onesnap

    I enjoy his music, they play it on Sirius Coffee House 30 all of the time. :)