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snipshot_e412lfgrjgps.jpgAl Gore’s plans have been shattered. No – not the presidency folks, but the symbolic switch off of lights during the Live Earth concerts on July 7th.

Despite the huge backing received by the general public and celebrities such as Sophie Ellis Bextor and Johnny Vaughn, the idea has been vetoed by the National Grid – the board who control Britain’s electricity. Apparently, the project has been canned on the grounds that it could disrupt electricity supplies. From the article,

“But electricity chiefs say if millions of people switch off their lights at the same time — and then turn them back on — it could disrupt supplies across the country.A National Grid spokesman said: ‘We are used to dealing with surges in demand, as it happens every day around certain TV programmes. But it’s very difficult to forecast exactly what would happen in terms of demand. We’d have had no idea how small or large it would be.'”

However, it ain’t all bad news. A spokesman for the national grid said “We are keen to work with them on something symbolic they (Live Earth) can do that would work.”

The concerts, modeled on Live Aid, will be part of a campaign against climate change tagged SOS (Save Our Selves) and headed by Mr. Gore, the former vice-president of the United States.

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  • zackk

    i suppose it’s better than the california method; which is just plunge the entire state into an unplanned blackout…

  • Paul

    The National Grid cannot “vetoe” people turning lights off – they can just vetoe Live Earth having access to showing the actual Grid monitor that shows the cummulative effect it has if people did indeed turn their lights off. So the demonstration can go ahead as planned and let the National Grid deal with the effect.