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Daryl Hannah Meets With Ecuador President Over Oil Dump

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snipshot_e4s827jp3rc.jpgDaryl Hannah is pulling an Erin Brockovich and getting directly involved with a crisis happening overseas to lend her support. Ecuador Indians are suing oil giant Chevron because of their failure to clean up billions of gallons of polluted waste water. Hannah trudged through the jungle yesterday to visit the site first hand and witnessed a sad display of neglect and devastation. From the article,

“Hannah, 46, star of the 1984 movie ”Splash,” rolled up a sleeve of her shirt and dipped it into an oil pit, holding it above her head as the thick liquid dripped down her arm.

”Obviously they’re suffering severely,” she said by telephone from her hotel in the jungle town. ”A whole host of horrors have come their way with the advent of supposed civilization.”

The plaintiffs are seeking $6 billion in damages, claiming that Texaco Petroleum Co., which merged with Chevron in 2001 and spent three decades extracting oil here, dumped more than 18 billion gallons of oily wastewater into the rain forest, and failed to properly clean it up.”

Today, Hannah will meet with Ecuador President Rafael Correa to discuss the case — imploring the government to show no bias towards the oil giant and let the facts speak for themselves. Sounds like something Q’orianka Kilcher could help get behind. Great initiative on Daryl’s part to travel and help with the situation. Let’s hope for a fair outcome in the trial.

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