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begley.jpgFor further proof that Ed Begley Jr. is the epitome of green celebrity, we have this bit of information on an upcoming road trip. While others would be content to simply jet around the country, Ed embraces a different philosophy. As we’ve seen in past interviews, he travels little because of his efforts to remain as carbon-neutral as possible. Check out the details on his upcoming road trip:

“Ed Begley, Jr. is off on another one of his hybrid-car cross-country trips. He left Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, June 5 in his Prius, driving to Florida for a June 8 World Ocean Day event. Then, he’ll drive up to Washington D.C. where he is the master of ceremonies for the June 11 National Trust for Historic Preservation / HGTV Restore America event which includes an introduction of the first lady Laura Bush. Then, he’ll depart D.C. for San Diego, CA where he will speak at the San Diego County Del Mar Fair on June 16. Then it’s back to L.A. to continue filming the 2nd season of Living With Ed. According to Ed, the drive is part “saving money”, part “eliminating the burning of jet fuel” and part “vacation”. In total, the trip will encompass appx. 6,284 miles of driving.”

Sure, there are other ways Ed could have reached his destinations that would be considered “greener” — but options such as biodiesel or electric are still time consuming because of a lack of infrastructure. If you have to travel an obscene amount of miles, a hybrid going about 55mph the entire way ain’t bad.  Have a nice trip, Ed!

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  • Preston

    Ed, if you drive through Salt Lake City, shoot me an email and dinner’s on me. Driving the lonesome highway can make a person hungry.

  • david schuelke

    Hello ED,
    my twin brother and i are very successful business owners of a 20 year established plumbing business here in the LA area . and its time now to take are 4 million a year business that we have built on honesty and integrity and go green . we deeply care about the enviroment and would love to talk with you about are ideas and need alot of help with getting us on the right page .If theres anything you can do to help we would really appreciate it. If we dont hear from you we understand and would like to say thank you for doing such a great job !!
    Thank you,
    david schuelke
    jimmy schuelke

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