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We’re a little late to the game on this story (we hate it when everyone else is having fun and doesn’t let us know!) but apparently Jennifer Aniston has decided to promote a bottled product called Smartwater. Oh, how deliciously wicked of her.

Anyone tuned into the environmental scene knows that bottled water is one of the dumbest inventions the human race has come up with. Yes, it has practical purposes in places where tap water is horribly wrong, but for the large majority of those living in the developed world, this is not an issue. It’s one of the reasons why UNICEF launched The Tap Project  and why restaurants in San Francisco are starting to ban it in favor of tap water.  We’ve been so brainwashed into believing that bottled water is better for us that we completely view any other alternative as a detriment to our health. Never mind the fact that tap water is more stringently monitored and more tightly regulated than bottled water. Never mind that of the 8 billion gallons consumed by Americans in 2006, only 15% of the bottles were recycled.

So, we’re definitely disappointed that Jennifer has become an investor and spokesperson for Smartwater — a label that claims to be a sports drink because of its infused electrolytes. Um, right. Sure, she’ll make lots of money — bottled water makes billions a year — but it’s just a strange move for someone who has been involved in charity work many times before and understands the desperation out there for access to clean water.

Let’s hope something “trickles” down in the end to make us believers again.

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  • anonymous

    never liked her anyways. she sucks as an actress.


    There was these ads running a while back, I think they were by Brita — they made the point that the water we drink is also used in our toilets. Blatant, baseless scare tactics.

    Bottled water has been thrown upon us as a healthy germ/bacteria free product, yet we can get it from our taps for free. Seriously, the marketing genius behind this coup is a a god… if the only thing you care about is making money at any cost.

    Nice post,

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  • Mike

    Big shocker, she’s an idiot.

  • stella

    Of course she’s an idiot, a money-loving idiot, an incredibly shallow idiot.

  • SuzyQ

    Jennifer Aniston involved in charity? Uh…no. In case you haven’t heard, it’s not her “thing”. The one charity Aniston has schilled for recently was St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Aniston DOES NOT get involved in any kind of charity projects that would raise the issue of the availability of clean water for anyone other than the uber rich. The fact that she chooses to take the only paycheck that she can get is no great surprise. The fac that she’s take a paycheck for selling something as useless as bottled water is even less surprising. A useless product for a useless woman.

  • http://none new

    Why the hate? Wow, you think she was promoting RedBull to infants?

    Lighten up, eco-haters.

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  • Mookie

    My favorite part is the adds below the blog about buying bottled water! What kind of adsense profits have you recieved from that?


  • Seriously

    That is my favorite part, too. Here you are bashing Aniston over her ad campaign for smart water and you have ads linking to bottled water?! I love to be as green as possible and drink tap water over bottled (because it’s free) and I was never a Friends fan, but come on. Don’t bash on her just because you don’t get paid as much for your ads.

  • michael

    Unfortunately, Adsense isn’t as perfect as we would sometimes like. The ads are randomly placed based on keywords. This can work out great and then sometimes make you look like an ass. This is one of those cases where we look like an ass.

    Believe me, Adsense provides a very small contribution to continue the work we do here on Ecorazzi. I think you’re missing the point by claiming we’re making a point out of this situation because we’re not getting paid as much as her. Great call.

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  • wasana

    You are off track saying tap water is safe. It isn’t – water quality in the united states is measured in deaths per hundred years. think about that for a moment – how many people will be killed by drinking the pollutants in the water…

    I like JA but that has nothing to do with my opinion…

  • dAtkRaK

    Any of you guys ever seen the movie Idiocracy? Smartwater reminds me of a running gag they have throughout the whole film. These people replace their water supply with, essentially, sports drinks. They water their plants with it. And, of course, they all die. Why? Because electrolytes are salts.

    This is really stupid, folks.

  • Sprawl

    who cares? she is freaking hot!

  • waterbong

    i’m sorry where i live you aren’t going to do a thing to me to make me change my mind about getting the water in a bottle instead from the tap. no way, dumb? ok whatever YOU join the bandwagon but you’d change your mind real quick if i gave you a dose of the poison that comes from our faucets here in wash. d.c. sorry that political crap doesn’t mosh here. try again maybe blame global warming or the president or terrorism or… it’s stupid, another bandwagon campaign, ain’t happening with me sorry.

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  • Shel Lyons

    In DC (yes, our Capital, Washington, DC), the water is not drinkable and is dangerous, especially for pregnant women, children, and pets. The city has hidden the dangers of lead and chlorine in the water, but everytime the information “leaks.” The lead pipes that the city is ever slowly changing (and at each homeowner’s personal expense (our house was $4000!), still has not changed the lead levels in our water, as older pipes still connect to the newer pipes. Just last month, an independed non-profit discovered that the chlorine levels in the water are dangerously high, causing risks for cancer and seizures in our children. The city admitted knowing about these levels and hiding them! Children, especially in lower income families that cannot afford the expense of bottled water are in danger in our city, and more so, with the tactics of hiding the problems by our government. Developing countries are not the only ones with poor public water sources. To learn more about these and other issues affecting parents (especially pregnant mothers) and children (especially infants), read my blog at

  • Patsy

    Where I live, we have had numerous problems with the water including e coli. Even when the water is safe to drink it sucks. I even use it to make my coffee. I’ll never give up my bottled water. Never.

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  • why jen why?

    I love her, think she’s a great comedic actress, and always thought she came off good on interviews and in the tabloids, never has anything bad said about her.. and I’m really not into the whole celebrity thing at all. I signed up for this blog because it relates to my business.. but why is she doing this? Bad Jen. :)

    PS. this company is owned by Coke.

  • JO

    Sad to see Jennifer hawking a product that is recognized worldwide for being bad for the environment. I see these ads with her photo and translate “smartwater” into “wastewater.” You’d think her agent would have steered her clear of this project.

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  • andy

    i just want to know why she has to undress to sell anything. i guess she knows she sucks at acting so if she show her body that will work, ya right!