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Tuesday night (also World Environment Day) the Theory Flagship Store partnered with the Natural Resources Defense Council and The Precipice Alliance to host “It’s Easy Going Green,” a gathering to promote green living within the fashion world.

Mary Ellen Caroll’s silkscreen installation, Indestructible Language. Photo Credit: Melissa RosenbergThe event launched artist Mary Ellen Caroll’s silkscreen installation, Indestructible Language, part of the Theory Icon Project. The exhibit featured eighteen red screens emblazoned with the phrase, “It is Green Thinks Nature Even in the Dark.” That phrase was spelled out in huge neon letters as part of a larger, outdoor exhibition in Jersey City.

The store was set up as an “eco-bazaar” selling product and providing information. Guests pre-ordered Anya Hindmarch’s adorable “I’m not a plastic bag”canvas totes, which will hit the U.S. on June 20th for a limited release after their wild popularity in the U.K. (prompted by Keira Knightley’s appearance with the bag). GreenDimes, The Bonneville Environmental Foundation, and Pure Food and Wine were just a few of the participants in the market.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Mugs for Ecorazzi! Photo Credit: Melissa RosenbergRobert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke over the socializing, mojito-tippling crowd, saying, “All the things we need to do to reverse the catastrophic impact of global warming are things we ought to be doing anyway for the sake of our national security, for economic independence, for energy independence, and the health and safety of our people.”

Miles ZX40 Red Electric Car. Photo Credit: Melissa RosenbergAfter the cheers, Sotheby’s auctioned off a Miles ZX40 red electric car donated by Miles Automotive and was purchased for $20,000 by Andrew Rosen, CEO of Theory.

Meanwhile, Andrew Andrew wandered around wearing matching pants with embroidered bees on them (“We’re here to tell people about the bees,” they said), and a possibly inebriated man in a butter-colored blazer Andrew Andrew: Living, Breathing Avant Garde Art. Photo Credit: Valerie Lapinskirepeatedly swooped by to kiss me and pronounce my glasses “Sexy!” The din of the room crescendo-ed into a cacophony of chatter, DJ beats and general fabulousness. Empty cocktail glasses piled up on the display tables, the electric cars were driven away, and we took our leave. “Don’t forget to tell everybody about the bees!” Andrew Andrew called. Thanks, guys. We won’t forget. Who could resist these faces?

This post was written and photographed by Valerie Lapinski and Melissa Rosenberg.

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