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snipshot_e4unklj9p6i.jpgPrince Charles, aka The Green Prince, earlier this week tried out a bevy of the latest in alternative energy vehicles. On Tuesday, Charles took four of the newest environmentally friendly vehicles for a short spin as part of a kick-off for the Brighton-to-London Eco Car rally. The race is organized by the group Revolve, which promotes sustainable transport.

The Prince tried out a Honda Civic Hybrid, Saab Bio-power 9-3 convertible, a 7 Series BMW Hydrogen 7 (the same car that Brad Pitt arrived in for the Ocean’s 13 premiere), and and silver Ford Focus Cell which also runs on hydrogen.

Not one to show up to the party in anything less than deserving of the occasion, Charles arrived in a tricked-out bio-fueled navy blue Jaguar, which was converted in March. He couldn’t avoid a little criticism, however, for flying in from his home in Scotland in a twin turbo-propelled private charter plane. Is Charles eschewing his commercial flight commitments? His publicist decried such speculation saying, “The Prince wanted to use the twin turbo prop because it’s substantially cleaner and emits substantially less CO2 than a jet plane.”

Currently, Prince Charles owns two Jaguars and an Audi that all run on bio-fuel. According to the article, he has not converted his “cherished gas-guzzling Aston Martin, given to him as a 21st birthday present by the Queen. Aides say, however, he only drives it ’100 miles a year’.

Bond would be proud.

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  • Mike Whelan

    Nice site! Glad you picked up on our rally. Just to clarify: the Revolve Eco-Rally is not a race in terms of speed (although try telling that to the electric scooter boys). It’s about ‘rallying’ around a cause and mustering political will towards the goal of zero emissions motoring. If anything, the race is between the transport industry (and between governing bodies) to make the Hydrogen Highway a reality.

    Check out our gallery for more photos and videos of HRH plus other celebs:

  • Mike Whelan

    In response to our revolve eco-rally We have just announced the winner’s of our photo competition and are displaying the most inspirational photos of zero emission transport on our site. Each winner will receive a hydrogen fuel-cell H-Racer – recently voted as one of the eleven coolest products on the planet.

    Check out

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