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snipshot_e4cn67b8h81.jpgIf there’s anything actor Sam Neill taught us in the movie Jurassic Park, it’s that you shouldn’t mess with Mother Nature. Now, Neill is taking his fight from the big screen to the Southern Hemisphere is an effort to keep genetically-modified crops out of New Zealand. From the article,

“A 10-year trial growing pest-resistant GM foods was recently approved by the Environmental Risk Management Authority (Erma). Erma general manager, new organisms, Libby Harrison, said the field test will be subject to strict controls to ensure the crops stayed within the test site and did not enter the food chain.

But from his Queenstown home, Neill said the decision was ‘potentially disastrous for New Zealand farmers, primary producers, exporters and indeed the country’.”

Neill currently owns an eco-friendly (they are working towards becoming organic) winery in Central Otago (think Lord of the Rings scenery and you get the picture) called Two Paddocks. He says New Zealand’s green image is at risk with the GMO testing.

“‘At a time when New Zealand produce is unfairly being characterized as a criminal source of carbon, it must be self-evident that the perception of New Zealand as sustainable, GM free, clean and greener than ever must be nurtured at any cost.'”

The article points out that Sam is also a member of the Mid Dome Wilding Trees Charitable Trust, a trustee of the NZ National Parks and Conservation Foundation and has worked before to help curb urban sprawl around the New Zealand of Christchurch.

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