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Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell with the first Transport for London hybrid bus. Copyright: Balthazar Serreau/Friends of the EarthOnce Razorlight finished recording in a solar studio, lead singer Johnny Borrell decided to spend the day with Friends of the Earth. On June 7, he hung out all day and was treated to a top-of-the-line green experience.

He test-drove a Vectrix electric scooter – the first of its kind in the world. The high performance Vectrix scooter has a top speed of 62 mph and zero emissions.

Johnny also recorded an exclusive new song, “Funeral Blues”, for Friends of the Earth at the UK’s only solar powered recording studio. Studio A at The Premises in Hoxton, East London is powered by 18 solar panels. (Download it free.)

Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell with chef Oliver Rowe preparing locally-sourced food at his restaurant Konstam. Copyright: Balthazar Serreau/Friends of the EarthFinally, Borrell prepared lunch with TV chef, Oliver Rowe at his restaurant, Konstam. Oliver sources most of the food used in the restaurant from within greater London – cutting down on food miles.

But Johnny was all over town that day, you say. What about emissions? How sweet is this? Transport through the city was provided by Transport for London’s diesel-electric hybrid double-decker bus and an Ecoigo hybrid taxi. The bus is a world first and emits up to 40 per cent less carbon dioxide than its diesel counterparts.

All of this is being done for a reason, however. It’s part of the larger campaign to get a tough climate law into the UK law books and it needs the support of as many people as possible. Johnny said, “Working with Friends of the Earth on The Big Ask climate campaign has made me realise that climate change is a problem we can solve. The solutions to climate change exist – from solar power to electric bikes and locally sourced food – we just aren’t making the most out of them. That’s why I support The Big Ask, Friends of the Earth’s campaign for a strong climate change law. A strong law will make sure the Government does all it can to help these solutions flourish.”

Make sure you stop by and check out Friends of the Earth. It’s worth it.

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