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My Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook Just Arrived

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global warming survival guide handbookIf you were one of the Live Earth junkies that decided to go ahead and shell out the extra $14.95 for a ticket AND a Global Warming Survival Handbook, I’m hear to tell you that the investment was wise. In between sets of Bon Jovi and Dave Matthews Band (or the 14 other awesome groups playing) you’re going to find yourself seriously educated and amused. While appealing to those looking to sink into a couch and drift away in a sea of eco-related tips, this little handbook also screams “skim me” and is very good at making you take notice just by flipping through the 160 or so pages.

Topics covered range from those you’ve heard before to those you’ve never thought of. Each tip takes up one or two pages and is rated by a handy colorful graph up top that displays the cost, time, effort, and impact involved. There are also fun little facts scattered about for trivia geeks (The most fuel-efficient flight is 2,700 miles. 96 billion pounds — over 25% of America’s food goes to waste each year.) Additionally, you’ll find sections for “How To Outwit Global Warming Skeptics”, “Correctly Use A Sweater”, and “Say Nuclear Correctly”. The most amusing piece of the book may be the red-striped back section labeled: WARNING: If All Else Fails. Here’s the description,

live earth global warming survival guide“Refer to the following pages only in the event of TOTAL CLIMATE MELTDOWN. These survival strategies will keep you alive on a devastated planet. They contain solutions and advice for extreme conditions. Even if it is too late to prevent climate change, it is never too late to fight for a tolerable existence.”

The first tip in this section? Buy A Camel. Not only do they provide reliable transportation, live for 50 years, and produce wool for fabrics, but they can also supply you with milk, cheese, and yogurt. Careful, they spit. You can also “Learn To Barter”, “Mine A Landfill”, “Harvest The Clouds”, and easily enough “Evolve”.

The book’s author, David De Rothschild (Founder of Adventure Ecology) has done a masterful job of making the content accessible to anyone looking to change their lives in a few easy steps. You’ll also find a forward by director Rob Reiner and an afterward by SOS founder Kevin Wall. Keep this one on your coffee table or for others to read in the car. A few quick glances will have even the most disinterested individual turning to the next page.

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