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Ecorazzi headed out to The Ritz-Carlton in Los Angeles to chill out with Global Green USA and celebrate the environmental leaders at the 2007 Green Cross Millennium Awards.

The elegant Irmelin DiCaprio was honored for her behind the scenes work on The DiCaprio Foundation and most recently acting as the Executive Producer of The 11th Hour. “The 11th hour is the highlight of a lot of work [for the environment] that I have done in the past, because it is the most visible.” The woman doesn’t just stick to the Hollywood movie scene either, “On Earth Day of this year, I walked the beach and collected garbage. I had two huge bags filled!”

Bahar Soomekh taught us a thing or two about the environment – before she hit Hollywood she was a 4th & 5th grade environmental science teacher! The actress recently gave her house an extreme eco-makeover, complete with recycled denim jean insulation. When we asked her what the most pressing global threat today, “Climate change and the deforestation of rainforests. The lack of commitment by our government on climate change is foolish.”

Unless, of course, by government you mean the current green-stud-muffin mayor of San Francisco. Says the very honorable, and markedly charismatic green guru Gavin Newsom, “The environment is a cornerstone that transcends every single issue. If we’re talking about health care, we’re talking about the environment, if we’re talking about housing, we’re talking about the environment…if we have to fill pot holes, we do it with recycled material. One of the core values of the city is recognizing the interdependence of every policy making decision as it relates to sustainability.”

Other reward recipients included Jena King, David W. Orr, and Pierre Andre Senizergues – all announced amongst organic food and an eco-auction.

  • GavinWatch

    Gavin talks a good game about helping the environment, but so far this year he’s spent a lot more time appearing at PG&E photo-ops and touting their token green initiatives than he has advancing real green policy. For example, he’s had nothing to say about Community Choice Aggregation, the plan that will break PG&E’s monopoly and lead to San Francisco getting 51% of its power from renewable sources by 2017. See our website for more details.