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snipshot_e41d4tolk873.jpgI shook the Magic 8 Ball a couple months ago and asked “Will Live Earth actually jam in Antarctica?” and it told me “All signs point to yes.” Wouldn’t you know it, that little ball was right! You ready for some real happy feet?

It’s just been announced that Live Earth will in fact be happening in Antarctica. True to Al Gore’s word, we’re now going to see a climate change concert on every continent. From the article, “The headlining act for the Antarctica show – in fact, the only act – are a five piece native indie rock band called Nunatak. The group consists of young scientists stationed in Antarctica. No other acts can play there because at this time of year, the entire continent is inaccessible by both sea and air due to freezing weather conditions.” These guys will play to about 17 research scientists — and the camera crews that will air the performance around the world. I guess press passes are out then?

Ever eco-conscious, even in a new state of bachelorhood, Owen Wilson decided to bike to Scores West Side strip club for some “entertainment”. According to Page Six, “‘After a few hours, he said he was meeting friends at another club to bring back to Scores and could he leave the bike. They said, ‘No problem,’ ‘ our spy reports. ‘It was a fun night for him – Scores, regular clubs, then Scores again.’” After a recent breakup with Kate Hudson, it’s good to see that his green values are still in the right place. We’re not going to touch the moral angle with a 10-foot dance pole.

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