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daryl hannah

Thanks to Ed Begley Jr., Daryl Hannah found herself on the seat of a brand new IZip Hybrid Electric bike during last week’s L.A. Bicycle Coalition LA River Ride. Begley couldn’t be there to attend (he’s criss-crossing the country in his Prius, as reported earlier), so he hooked up his friend Daryl by calling up the folks at Currie Technology and having one delivered. According to our tipster, “Ed was glad Darryl could do the Hybrid electric bike duties in his absence. According to the IZip folks, she’s now the proud owner of it too!” Rockin’.

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  • Mary Soderstsrom

    Electric bikes? Oh come on, what’s wrong with the kind that are powered by legs? Switching to electricity for this kind of transit isn’t going to help out very much.

    What about free bikes? Check out what’s happening in Montreal at

    Mary Soderstrom

  • jojo808

    As an avid rider , I see a ton of major advantages to riding a power assist bike. Imagine riding 20 miles to work one way on your bike. About 45-60 min of riding hard will bring some major sweat before getting into your cubical. Anyway I tried hard with Currietech/Izip to get some much needed answers about their product to no avail ,so my plans are now to get a Bionx setup ,unless Izip is willing to send me 1 like they did for Mrs.Hannah.

  • DanEC

    Many people don’t commute to work on bicycles because they would arrive hot and sweaty. Using an electric bike for commuting is an excellent solution. Check out the comments to this post about ebikes over at

    It is amusing to read the replies to the first comment posted by the anti-ebike eco-fundamentalist.

  • hiro

    Riding on the bicycle is good for health. I want also to commute with the bicycle as
    much as possible.

  • Rob Barnes

    Ebikes are the tipping point for me. I’ve chosen the car too many times over the bike due to a nasty hill near my place. This study makes a case that ebikes can be 2-4 times more energy efficient than human power.

    As for free bikes in Montreal, this winter more than most, you couldn’t pay me to try to navigate the snowy streets in -15 to -25c. We need to spend more on buses that can actually leave the garage… BTW, Green City was a good read Mary.

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