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snipshot_e48bfp6po47.jpgThe team behind the massive global concert series that is Live Earth has revealed their green plot to reduce the carbon footprint of the event. Two words: Sustainability Engineers.

In a recent interview with ChinaDialogue, Live Earth’s official spokesperson, Yusef Robb, described how they are approaching the concerts and what green values are being put into practice before a single note has sung. Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview,

>>cd: How will this work in practice?

YR: Working side-by-side with our production staff are “sustainability engineers.” So when the stage producer says “we need x watts of power,” the sustainability engineer finds solutions for on-site power generation, or sources green power produced by the sun or the wind. Another example might be that the stage designer says “I want these wonderful-looking purple lights”, to which the sustainability engineer steps up and says “well here’s a different kind of light bulb that uses less energy.”

But we’re covering a broad spectrum. We’re encouraging people to take mass transit to our shows, looking at how we power and light our shows, looking at what containers our concessions will be served in… we’re trying to “design out” the carbon from every aspect of our production. As a last resort we will offset [using “carbon offsets” such as tree-planting]. The reality is you can’t completely zero the carbon out, otherwise we’d all stay at home.

Our first priority is to design out the use of carbon in our concerts: carbon offsets are great, but we believe they should only be used when there’s no other alternative.”>>

I like that thinking. Over the past few months, my initial love of carbon-neutrality has turned to doubt as more companies have simply used them as an excuse to continue business as usual. Making changes in areas that will produce real results and then embracing the offset diet makes more sense.

You can check out the rest of this excellent interview here.

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  1. cc says:

    Hi, so what exactly is the estimated carbon footprint of the 7 live earth gigs?

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