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snipshot_e416eli0fcuj.jpgEarlier this week, the California Coastal Commission took a look at Clint Eastwood’s proposed golf course plans, decided they were feeling lucky, and sent the actor packing.

Eastwood had appeared in television ads and thrown massive celebrity support behind a plan to build a golf course in an area of protected forest on the Monterey peninsula. The proposal would have seen the felling of up to 18,000 trees, including 15,000 of the locality’s signature species, the Monterey pine. From the article,

“But the commission, which polices development along the coast, was unimpressed by the celebrity backing. It turned down the application on environmental grounds. Apart from the destruction of thousands of trees in the Del Monte forest, it would also have involved filling in wetlands and altering the coastline. The plan also proposed an equestrian centre and 160 luxury hotel rooms for golfers as well as additional housing for staff.

‘This is the most egregious example of developers seeking to circumvent the coastal act I can remember. It’s wholesale destruction of the environment,’ commissioner Sara Wan said.”

Nice shot, Clint. Probably not the best move to make when environmental awareness is at an all-time high. Were the four other 18-hole courses in the area not working for your game?

Thanks to Linton for yelling FORE! on this one…

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7 Responses to Clint Eastwood’s Destructive Golf Plans Get Chopped

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  7. don says:

    i just don’t get why Clint Eastwood, would want to wipe out all this land for a stinking golf course. I mean, come on. Clint Eastwood, the awesome cowboy i used to look up to as a kid is playing GOLF. This makes me sick. But of course, If Clint was reading this right now, i would probably deny ever typing it in the first place.

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