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Cosmo’s July cover girl, Jessica Biel is showing her home-style sexy back in a new public service announcement on recycling. In Touch Weekly’s June 18 Up Close section pictures the actress donning a terry cloth robe and extra comfy, zebra-striped fuzzy slippers for a stroll out to an LA curb. Her updo is the traditional just-out-of-the-shower towel wrap. Her key accessory is a bag of recycling, which she deposits in a city recycling bin. How’s that for a catwalk?

Although she most often receives press for her outfits on the red carpet, Jessica is a recent winner of the Golden Karma Award for her dedication community service. This vegan is a longtime supporter of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Serving Those Who Serve and PETA. She is co-founder of Make the Difference Network, a social network launching this summer that connects nonprofit organizations with individual donors and business sponsors.

So why were the paparazzi waiting for Jesse to come out in her PJ’s and recycle? These are actually photos from a recycling PSA that will air during Live Earth next month. Want to see the PSA in person? You still have until Wednesday to enter our contest and win 2 tickets to the all day concert / global warming awareness extravaganza!

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  • Susan

    Green seems to be the new ‘sexy’. =)

  • Cynical

    I think it would have made the story a whole lot better if you would have left off the part saying the whole thing was set up.

    Wow, celebs will do anything for a bit of ready-made good press.