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live earth bulletIn a move that pretty much covers the bases for media on July 7th, XM Satellite Radio has announced plans to broadcast 27 hours of Live Earth concerts from over 100 artists. From the release,

“XM’s live coverage will begin at 9 p.m. ET on Friday, July 6, on XM’s main Live Earth channel, “Live Earth All Access” (XM channel 40). “Live Earth All Access” will feature around-the-clock coverage with highlights of the most memorable performances, backstage interviews and more, throughout the day. In addition, each city’s concert will be broadcast live in its entirety.”

For those wanting to listen in but lack access to the gear needed, XM reminded us that their three-day trial for online listeners can get you access without committing to anything. Rock on!

live earth bulletLive Earth London already has the concert lineup to beat on July 7th — but the organizers decided to make it better anyways. Announced today, Metallica, Kasabian, Pussycat Dolls and Terra Naomi will be joining an already impressive gig that includes such artists as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, Madonna, James Blunt, and Your Mom. She’s going. I checked.

live earth bullet

How does Al Gore get you to become involved with Live Earth? He tracks down your cell phone number and leaves you messages. In a move that might otherwise be interpreted as “creepy”, Al Gore urged Scarlett Johansson to get involved with the concert series while she was on a 10-day charity visit to Africa with Oxfam. According to reports, Gore left a voice mail detailing the campaign and inviting the actress to join in the fun this July and contact him. No word yet on whether Scarlett phoned back the former V.P. or immediately changed her cell number…

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  • John Fernlund

    Mr. Gore should have also called Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel. This would like stir the young starlets into a hottie-off for the sake of the planet. If Edwards or Obama make it into office, then Al could head up the EPA and then use “ScarJo” as a kind of Nico to his Lou Reed.